Step-by-Step of Exactly How to Get a Free iPad

Hey everyone, my name is Patrick. So you probably got to this site because you are interested in getting a free iPad. Well you have come to the right place. Below I will show you a complete guide to getting an iPad for free. That’s right $0. Ok, let’s dive in.

Step 1: Sign up!

So the obvious first step is to sign up to receive it. Go ahead and click the link of the location you are currently in.

If you are from somewhere else in the world, contact me, and I will help you find a way to get it.

This part isn’t too hard. Click where you are from, answer a question or two, then enter your email, or address, or sometimes phone number (for some reason it often changes from one to another). You can only complete one offer, but if you are form USA or Canada, you also complete the world one in addition to your regular country’s offer. The world offer is a little bit more work, but I have heard of people getting a free iPad from both.

Step 2:  Complete an Offer

This step is where people get turned off. In fact, it sort of acts as a strainer, weeding the people out that truly want the free iPad, but follow the instructions below and it will be as simple as cake.For instructions on how to complete the world offer, click here.

Note: For Canada, there are no offers to complete. Just put in your phone number and you’ve got a chance to get an iPad.

Instructions for USA offer:

So after  you have entered your email or address (whichever it asks for), you then will be brought to a page with many different “offers.” You must complete one of these offers to get your free iPad.

What the heck? I thought it was a free iPad?

It is, silly, these offers are free trials. You are free to cancel at any time.

But why would companies give free iPads for free trials?

I’m glad you asked. Well a certain percentage of people will enjoy the free trial so much that they will want to continue the service. Say for example you choose to get a free trial with Netflix. Netflix knows that a certain percentage of people will continue their subscription after the trial period has ended. The amount of money they make on that person is far more than the cost of an iPad.

So this means that enough people enjoy their service enough to continue with it after the trial that they can afford enticing people to try their service with a free iPad. Amazing, right? Well this is exactly how to get a free iPad. If you were planning on signing up with Netflix or some other service anyways, then now you can get a free iPad out of the deal!

Tips to Make Sure You Get Your Free iPad

So even though you went through all of the steps shown in the post above, there are still some things you have to do to make sure you get your free iPad. They write this stuff in small print somewhere deep in their website so you hopefully won’t see it, but you must adhere to the tips below to make sure you are eligible to get a free iPad.

  • You must use a valid email address. They send you the free offer through your email for a lot of them, so this one makes sense.
  • You can’t cancel the free trial of the offer you sign up for right away. Now I’m not saying you can’t cancel it at all. If you really dislike the service, by all means, cancel before you have to pay, but don’t cancel it 10 minutes after you start it. If you do, they have the right to refuse you the free iPad.
  • You must enter real information when signing up. If you enter false info, like address, email, name, and all of that stuff, they will either not send it to the right person, or not send it at all.
  • Don’t try to cheat the system. They will find out. They have spent thousands and thousands of dollars making sure people don’t get stuff they don’t deserve.
  • To be absolutely positive you are doing everything right, make sure to look up the offers terms of service, which you can view on their site.

Free iPad Tester

Are you the type of person who’s fond of the latest gadgets in town? You may have heard discussions on the internet concerning free testing of iPad which is the new technology released by Apple. These hand-held gadgets gives you the convenience to enjoy surfing the internet, play games, listen to music and watch your favorite videos wherever you go. Believe it or not, you can have the product right at your very own hands and you also get the chance to check it out for free. What’s great about this free iPad tester is that you can contribute to the improvement of the product as well since the Apple Corporation needs the opinion of their customers in order to know about the quality of the gadget that they release on the market.

Unfortunately, most of us do not want to register under the free iPad Tester offer because we think that this may be just a scheme or another type of scam. However, there are indeed legitimate offers that give you this rare opportunity to be a free iPad tester and at the same time you will be able to tell Apple your judgment of their new product.

Now, here’s the question that you may ask, “What do I need to do so that I can try out the new iPad?” For the step by step instructions on how to go about this, you may visit this website : On the website, you need to sign up or register according to your location (United Kingdom, United States, Canada). If you are living in other countries, you will be given an option to fill out a contact form and you can ask about the things that you need to do. You just need to an answer some simple questions and put in other details such as your e-mail address. Then you will be completing a world offer and you will be directed to a page wherein you can create an account. After submitting the form, you will receive a notification on the registered e-mail address. These offers are free trials and you are free to cancel anytime you want. If ever you enjoy the product and  you are pretty much satisfied with the service, you may upgrade to the full subscription and keep the iPad for good.

Usually, this kind of offer is given out when a product is just released, and that’s what is happening as of the moment with the apple iPad. If you grab this chance right away, you will be a free iPad tester. This way, you will be given an opportunity to assess the product and above all, you will be able to keep it as well.

Get a Free iPad 2

Brand New iPad 2What better way to get a free iPad 2 than to get one from Apple itself? Apple is a company that is extremely proud of its products but is never quite satisfied with or complacent about them. So even after launching a product like the iPad 2, Apple continues to solicit feedback from consumers about the product’s performance and how to improve it. One of the ways Apple does this is to offer free product, in this case the iPad 2, in exchange for relevant, accurate feedback. Thus, for a person with the time, ability and interest, getting a free iPad 2 is a matter of getting in touch with Apple.

The website provides a link for persons interested in testing the iPad 2 for Apple. The work involved in making you get a free iPad 2 will essentially entail using the product extensively, seeing how well it works, trying to detect bugs and other defects with both firmware and software and testing it out with different applications.

The large number of applications developed for the iPad 2 is one of its major attractions. Third-party developers vie with each other in trying to develop applications that will be accepted by Apple in the App Store. After developing an app, developers release it in a beta format to selected users in order to test for defects or ways to improve its performance. In some cases, a developer will enable one to get a free iPad with which to test the beta version of the app before submitting it to Apple for acceptance. This is another way to get an iPad for free. All that will be required of you is your email address so the company or developer can give you instructions on how to get a free iPad 2.

Another way to get a free iPad is through offers from certain companies for a trial period. A company like Netflix for instance may give out a free iPad 2 when one signs up for a free trial of the service. The company hopes that by signing up for the trial period in exchange for a free iPad 2, you will continue to subscribe to the service after the trial period has expired.

In essence, then, a way to get a free iPad 2 is to search for companies that will give the item away for free in exchange for a small purchase or your services. On this site we have many such deals. Search around and you will find a perfect one for you.

Best Free iPad Offers

In the extremely competitive world of business, companies have to constantly come up with new ways to entice new customers and keep old ones from moving away. A lot of businesses incentivize their customers by offering freebies. Usually these are things that don’t cost too much so they are able to give out a lot of these freebies. Recently, companies have also been giving away more expensive items like gadgets. Being such a popular product, the iPad is at the top of many people’s wish lists. Consequently, people are much more likely to ride on a company’s promotional campaign if it comes with the promise of a free iPad. With so many such campaigns being advertised, it can be tough to know which ones are the best free iPad offers. Fortunately, there are resources that can help differentiate the good from the bad.

Our homepage is a good place to start. From this page, you are directed to country specific offers. You are then asked to sign up and start taking surveys with the incentive of getting paid or possibly getting a free gadget like the iPad. This is also their way of filtering out individuals who are not serious about their offers. There are many similar sites that have been set up but are actually scams. However, all of our offers are legitimate websites that makes money by hosting surveys from reputable companies who only want to have a reliable channel for conducting their market research.

The next thing on the list of the best free iPad offers is beta testing. Software firms that develop applications for the iPad need to get their products out in order for these to be tested in a ‘real world’ setting. There are certain qualifications that need to be fulfilled here. Most firms require only adults of legal age to do their beta testing. The offers are also usually country-specific. Additionally, the reviews of the applications need to be honest and thorough evaluations.

Definitely one of the best free iPad offers comes directly from Apple itself. People can simply wait for the time when Apple is about to launch a new model or version of this gadget. In order for Apple to come up with a product of the highest quality, they offer some of their soon-to-be-released gadgets for public testing. also has a link to a page that serves as an application form for those who might be able to provide reviews of Apple products through hands-on testing. As with beta testing, there are age and country requirements, among others.

iPad 2 For Free

In the world of gadgets, Apple has always been at the forefront, going back to the days of the venerable iPod mp3 player. Their products are always the most desired gadgets around. However, with such a high demand and an attached prestige factor, their prices are also among the highest in the market. The iPad 2 is no exception. Among tablets, it is the most in-demand and expensive one. This is why when someone offers an iPad 2 for free, gadget freaks fall all over themselves trying to get one.

Because people are so readily moved by such offers, it makes sense for smart businesses to make gadgets such as the iPad 2 one of their incentives for positive endorsement. On the website our homepage, the exact steps for acquiring an iPad 2 for free are detailed. The steps we enumerate depend on where you live.

People living within the United States are directed to a website where you must sign up and fill out a survey to get your free iPad. Unfortunately, this is also the step where the majority of people balk and think that the whole thing is a scam. There are many scams that involve supposedly getting certain gadgets for free, but this is not one of them. The offers listed on this site entice people to take their surveys by paying them or offering, among others, free gadgets. The money comes from the companies that put out the surveys. These companies are very much willing to spend money as part of their strategy in conducting market research. This is crucial for their business because it enables them to keep up the quality of their products or services. The profit that they make from garnering such positive feedback is far more than the cost of a gadget like the iPad 2.

Beta testing is another way that people can get an iPad2 for free. This involves getting in touch with companies who develop applications intended for the iPad2. However, only a few people would be qualified for this. Even fewer are the really fortunate ones who get to keep their iPads after the testing period.

It must be kept in mind that there are limitations on getting free iPads. Only individuals of legal age can apply. Also, only one unit can be given per household. Companies monitor the IP address of those applying in order to ensure this. In short, there are legitimate ways to get a free iPad2 but you have to be law-abiding as well.

I want a free iPad! Get One in Here!

Very rarely, people refuse free products. If the product happens to be a great product like an iPad, every one will shout, “I want a free iPad”. But, you may view the offer with apprehensions. The fact of the matter is that you can get this great product free of cost right here on this site. The home page contains step-by-step instructions for getting it absolutely free.

It is a known fact that this product is from the stables of Apple. The Apple iPad has been arguably the leading product of the tablet market since its launch. iPad 2 was also launched in 2011. Experts opine that the craze for this product is likely to continue. It is true that the price of this product has been a deterrent and so, every one will be happy that they can get it free of cost by visiting the above site.

It is also true that there are many websites on the World Wide Web for getting an iPad free. But, you should be wary of getting deceived by spammers. Therefore, you should be ready to spend some of your precious time and ensure that the offer fulfills the following factors:

- Firstly, most of these sites target only a few countries. So, it is imperative that you should check whether such conditions are there on the site you choose.

- The offer may be limited only to those who are above 18 years of age.

- A few sites may require you to give reviews about the iPad apps they are developing. This is called Beta testing.

Our offers generally do not have such restrictions and therefore, you can definitely get your free iPad wherever you are and whatever may be your age.

After visiting the home page of this site, you should take the following steps for getting this product free.

- You should sign up and while doing so, you should be careful to choose the right option because the options vary according to the country or place you live in. For those who live in USA, you have a separate option and such is the case for people living in Canada. For those of you who live anywhere else in the world, you have another choice.

- If your country is USA or Canada, you must furnish details like your email address and phone number. You should ensure to give valid details only. If you are residing anywhere else in the world, your request will be handled by the site owners who will guide you through the steps you should take for getting the free iPad.

- The site has several offers for you if you reside in USA or Canada and you should choose the offer that is the most suitable for you.

- You should be careful to enter the right address and name. If you commit a mistake, the iPad may not reach you on time or you may not get it at all.

- Canceling the offer immediately will result in loss of opportunity to get this great product free of cost. Then no matter how loud you shout “I want a free iPad”, you may not succeed.

You should understand that you often must sign up for a free trial. The free iPad is a result of companies marketing through this free trial. Many people conitnue with the subscription because they enjoyed the service.
You have another option also from this site by which you will be able to access companies that are developing various apps for the iPad. This means that these companies want to have reactions from consumers like you for their apps. Once they get good reactions from many such consumers, they can proceed and submit the apps to the App store. This stage is called the Beta Testing stage. So, if you choose this option, you will be linked to a site that wants to do beta testing of their iPad app. But, whichever option you choose, you are advised to read the clauses fully and understand the terms and conditions.

If you follow the above steps, your repeated shouts of “I want a free iPad” will get translated into reality.

Test iPad for Free

The iPad has now become very popular and everyone wants to get one. The iPad is a tablet computer which is designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc.  It is a platform for various media including books, games, music, web content and even eBooks.  The iPad has the same operating system as the other popular product from Apple Inc., the iPod Touch.

Although the iPad has become an ubiquitous gadget nowadays, a lot of people still cannot afford it. It costs more than $300 and for some people that is an amount which they cannot afford. The good news is you can get an iPad for free. How? Right here on this site, that’s how.

All you need to do is choose the country which you are from. Once you click on the country where you are residing, you will be redirected to a site where you can sign up and complete forms. When signing up, you just need to enter your email or address. Make sure that you use a valid email address or else you will not be eligible for the promotion. Enter real information on the form. False info will cause you not to receive the items they are giving away. You will not be eligible to test iPad for free if you do this.

Completing offers is where people get turned off. Most people do not want to spend their time taking online surveys and participating in focus groups. You might also be asked to try out some products but you are in no obligation to continue after the free trial, you can cancel anytime you want to, just not right after you have signed up for it. Just make sure that you remember when you signed up for the offer so that you can cancel before you get charged.

So, how does the site afford giving away a free iPad? Simple, most people who have tried the services offered like them so much that they choose to keep it. For example, there are people who get a free trial with Netflix and they like it so much that they continue with a paid subscription. The amount of money they get on these people’s subscription amount to much more compared to the price of an iPad. There is nothing better than getting a test iPad for free.

Best Free iPad Site

iPad 2This post was written by a friend about my site. I decided to throw it up here because it is useful info. So here it is:

Getting a great product is terrific. Getting one for free is even better. That the iPad is a great product is a statement no one will dispute. The question, then, is whether it is possible to get one free of charge. A website hosted by a gentleman named Patrick is one of the most helpful, best free iPad sites and has these suggestions about how to go about getting one.

  • Go to the site above. It brings you to the home page.
  • On the home page, you will need to sign up depending on whether you live in the USA, Canada or anywhere else in the world. These are the only choices.
  • By clicking on the USA or Canada, you will be asked to enter your email address and phone number. Make sure you use a valid email address. By clicking on “anywhere else in the world” you will be directed Patrick who will then guide you through the next steps.
  • If you clicked on USA or Canada, you will be presented with several offers from which to choose. Pick the one you want and follow the instructions to help you choose the best free iPad offer for you.
  • In accepting a free trial offer, enter correct information about your name and address. Otherwise, the company might send your iPad to the false address you entered.
  • When you accept a free trial offer, you should not cancel it immediately, or you may lose your opportunity at a free iPad.

This is not a trick and Patrick explains it quite clearly. A free iPad is a promotional offer from companies that want your business. A company providing a service will tempt you with its best free iPad offer for a trial period hoping that, after the trial period, you will want to continue with the service by subscribing to it.

Another option from Patrick’s best free iPad site is to access companies developing apps for the iPad. These companies whose apps are in a beta testing stage are looking for consumer reactions to the apps before submitting them to the App Store. Patrick’s site links you to an example of a site beta testing an iPad app. A word of caution: many free iPad offers have specific limitations and restrictions. Some offers are limited to certain countries or localities. Other offers are off limits to persons below a certain age. Before trying to go after your free iPad double check the fine print with all the restrictions so you don’t waste your time.

Getting a Free IPad

ipad 2The iPad is definitely one of the favorite products of Apple. It has ruled the tablet market for quite some time now and with the launch of iPad 2 in the year 2011, the craze is bound to persist. The price might be a worrying factor, but luckily there are ways to get an iPad free of cost. Getting a free iPad is easy once you know the way to do so. There are numerous ways by which you can get your iPad for free. Here in this article we try and suggest some of the quality ways of getting hold of one:

  • Beta testing is one way. There are many companies that are developing iPad apps and want the public to give honest reviews before publishing them into the apple App store. Thus with some honest reviews you can definitely end up with a free iPad. Beta testing is very popular in the US where you can get an iPad for free.
  • There are many offers that also give away free iPads across the world. You need to avail these offers to get free iPads. An example of this type of site can be found here.

There are numerous places on the World Wide Web where you can get these iPads for free. But then you need to be considerate about:

  • Many of the offers are country specific so be careful to check that.
  • Age is also a consideration. Some offers want their customers to be above 18 years of age.

I hope this helps you in your quest in getting a free iPad. If you haven’t looked at our homepage, there is a complete guide on how to get a free iPad that could help you out.

Free iPad 2 Testing

Apple iPad 2The iPad 2 is one of the most popular launches in the market lately. Still in the experimental state, Apple is looking to get to its customers to know how they can improve the product. This is a new way to know what the customers are looking for and the different shortcomings in the products. At the end of the day it is the general public who is going to use the products.

What the companies want?

Companies are constantly in search of people who can test their products and suggest certain improvements. The companies need these people to help identify the bugs or other issues with the hardware and software. Thus once they know the issue they can resolve them so that the public has the best possible product in their hands. This is one of the most popular trends in the modern market and it has also caught up with Apple.

Apple strategies

Apple is giving away free iPads for people who can test the product and give them quality feedback and information. Remember you need to be able to test the product properly in order to get a free iPad 2 for testing. It will help them to precisely indentify the problems with their latest product, iPad 2. Free iPad 2 testing would ensure that their products maintain the standard of quality that they are known for! Thus if you think that you can test and debug an iPad 2 then you can easily get one for free by click here.

Get a Free iPad with No Offers

iPadThe iPad is definitely the new rage among the modern-day tech savvy people. This Product from Apple has become so popular that almost everybody now wants to get a feel of the device. The price tag is a bit on the higher side but the quality it provides is definitely unmatched. Forget the price though, how about getting hold of an iPad for free. It definitely sounds alluring doesn’t it! Well there are ways by which you can get a free iPad with no offers.

Get a free iPad with no offers or referrals

The idea might not sound very convincing at first but here we can explain it in a broader sense. Modern day companies would do anything to find their niche markets and find their potential customers. They need more in-depth analysis of their products that which are the products that the customers are favoring and what changes might be welcome with them.

iPads as incentives

Thus incentives are a part of the whole strategy where the people who give them quality facts get them. Yeah! You guessed it right! iPad is a part of the alluring incentives. Thus this is an interesting way by which you can get a free iPad with no offers. The technique is absolutely cost-free. They will ask you to provide you your email address. Once you give them your email address then they will send you an email in your inbox directing you to the way by which you can get your free iPad. The only requirement is for you to provide your information so that they can use it to determine the market potential of their product.